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Flag of PeruPeru: Morning Thoughts

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Lima, Peru
August 9, 2006

The tour party arrived in Lima, Peru late morning on August 8, welcomed by Mr. Trevor Jones, and a member of the National Assembly who facilitated the rapid passage through customs. Rev. Hong and the national leaders and members welcomed the tour party at the hotel Dolfines, a hotel near the ocean, that actually has a pool with two dolphins swimming around!

A key nation in the Andean region of Latin America, Peru was a central capital of the Incan empire, centering around Cusco and Machu Pichu, and Peruvians are proud of their Incan heritage. Lima is on the ocean, but is very arid, almost desert-like. But the other side of the Andes is lush with jungle.

The main event was held at 6 PM. 1200 people filled the hall, and the hotel began turning people away at the front door to avoid having large gatherings outside the main hall, which was filled to capacity. In Sup Nim gave the Founder’s Address, and Mother Moon followed, concluding with the Blessing.  The Hall was beautiful, with a very nice stage. In Sup Nim was completely at ease, gentle and gentlemanly, and clear, sharp and focused in presenting the message. Mother Moon had been struggling with a sore throat and even a fever for a couple of days but was fully recovered, and sparkling in her presentation.

The next morning she shared her thoughts.

I started this tour on April 28, and I am still on my way on August 9. Counting the number of cities, Lima was #103. What do you think about this? Are you living this kind of life yourself?  During the tour I have found so many people who are inspired to help our movement. India, for example, has a population of well over one billion. The current president of India knows about Father and our movement, and he researched about us.  He suggested that, when we are doing so many good things, and yet we are not growing as rapidly as we should, then prepare a volume, with 100 essays written by the top leaders around the world who have known TP, and they can write about their experience. 

On the tour I met so many people on the tour who have a similar kind of heart, and want to help us. I met many AFPs.  They want to study further. They realize we are the only ones who can solve the Middle East problem.  I was in Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel just a short time ago, and shortly after my visit, this war broke out. If these people truly could meet and know the True Parents, the situation would never reach this level. 

What is your responsibility, then?  Sooner or later this world will be restored. It is up to you how long it takes. If you give everything, then it will happen more quickly. If you do not work hard, you may bring some disgrace. If you are happy, do not keep this happiness for yourself.  The more you share it, the more your happiness will increase. You have to expand this foundation. This is your responsibility. All the countries are the same.  No one is better or worse. We are the children of God.


Secretary General's Musings
What Do You Think That Happiness Is?
Dr. Thomas G. Walsh

One of the questions I frequently get asked, after an event, is “Is Mother happy?”  When I hear this I usually pause, and then I tend to get slightly philosophical in my answer, probably most of the time to the dismay to the one asking the question.

On one hand, TM is always pleased and grateful with the effort and sacrifice of the members. Surely what pleases her most is then she speaks to Father, and he is happy or encourages her.

If, on the other hand, Father is not pleased, such as when he is told we are going to start at 6 PM, but then have a delayed start, at say 6:30, then TM is not so happy about that point. I cannot think of any event about which I could say, “Mother is not happy.” Mother is always happy for the progress that is being made and simultaneously unhappy about the fact that, no matter how far we have come, we need to do so much more.

Some nations have stronger foundations than others, so each nation has different circumstances and its unique history, characteristics, fortune, etc. Thus, it is not easy to compare one nation to another. Each is different, just like people. The real criterion of success is whether or not an event, all the outreach, relationship development both internally and externally, and preparation yielded growth, improvement and development for our movement.  If unity is better, if people pull together well, and all are giving their best, then there is much to be happy about.  At the same time, we recognize that time is short, that so much has to be done to fulfill God’s dream, TP’s dream.

I think this reality is also what gives TM a kind of stoical quality. That is, there’s a reserve about allowing herself to be happy, ecstatic, celebratory.  This is because there is so much work still to be done. The goal is so huge, with so little time, there’s not time to indulge in victory. All victories are only steps toward a higher victory, always penultimate, steps along the way……steps, moreover, that should have been taken years ago, but which providential obstacles blocked. It is like winning a game in tournament that requires many more victories before one gets to the final championship game.  Until one reaches and wins the finals, one cannot fully celebrate, because one has to stay in top form, and get ready for the next game, the next battle

Sometimes some poor soul who asks me that question and who just wants a simple, “Yes, Mother is very happy,” gets these musings.


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