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Flag of Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands: Former Prime Minister Welcomes Peace Emissaries

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Honiara, Solomon Islands
August 18, 2006

Mother Moon, Hyun Jin and Jun Sook arrived in Honiara, Solomon Islands, at about 11:30 AM on August 18, welcomed by Dr. Song, Rev. Paul Saver, and other leaders and Ambassadors for Peace from the Solomon Islands. The hotel and the event venue was Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel. 

Solomon Islands was the setting for World War II’s battle of Guadalcanal. The bay around Honiara, which looks so beautiful and peaceful, is known as “Iron Bottom,” due to the multitude of ships that were sunk during one of World War II’s bloodiest battles between the USA and the Japanese.

Father Moon visited Solomon Islands last year. There he had a strong vision about the nation’s importance as a center for the island nation’s providence.

The main event was attended by 1500 participants, all of whom sat respectfully and enthusiastically throughout the entire program. The pre-program featured local performers, welcome remarks from former Prime Minister Francis Billy Hilly, the holy wine ceremony, and the Chairman’s Address.

Hyun Jin, inspired perhaps by the large and enthusiastic audience, coupled with knowing Father Moon loved Solomon Islands, gave an especially dynamic, powerful and spirited presentation of the Founder’s Address; his words flowed with a power that energized the audience.

Prior to presenting the speech, he expressed appreciation for the people of Solomon Islands and their beautiful country, adding that his father had great love for the Solomon Islands. He stated that the message he was about to read was the essence of his father’s teaching throughout 80 plus years and represented God’s word; he added that his father had been anointed, appointed and approved by God to bring in the era after the coming of a new heaven and earth.

Mother Moon followed on the foundation of her son’s powerful presentation, which had brought the audience to a point of full attention and anticipation for the appearance of Mother Moon. She did not let them down, but gave them the blessing of God’s word with grace, glory, beauty and power, all pointing toward, leading up to and concluding with the blessing prayer. 

Following the main event, there was a buffet. Food had been prepared for 700 people.  However, some 1500 attended. Somehow, everyone ate well; perhaps there occurred some multiplication of the loaves and fishes. It was a great victory.

The following morning, Mother Moon said, “I have visited all parts of the world, including the Middle East. There I saw so many faithful, sincere, committed religious leaders, particularly from the Muslim faith. Father has invested so much in the Middle East. Upon that foundation, I could present these speeches and embrace the people, and those who received those words were so joyful to receive those words. My heart aches to see the ongoing suffering of that region. As long as God is alive, God’s providence will advance on this earth.”

She referred to the rebuilding of Korea after the war, when Father Moon sent middle school and high school students throughout the countryside to do service projects and teach Divine Principle: “Father aimed at establishing a new heart, new mind, and transformation. As I look at the Solomon Islands, I feel the need for this kind of ‘new mind’ and ‘new village’ movement here, including protection of the environment. Because Father initiated this movement in Korea decades ago, Korea is now one of the most highly developed nations in the world. Many of the world’s leaders are recognizing that Father’s words are the key to changing this world. They want more and leaders and lecturers who are well trained. So we have to develop. I met many righteous leaders throughout this tour. I also feel this nation should have many such righteous people.”

Mother Moon asked the people from the Solomon Islands to sing, and their voices shook the room in a beautiful and natural harmony: “You are a mighty God, you are the King of all Kings … you are the melody and you are the harmony and you are the song that I sing….” The Japanese volunteers sang, and then Hyun Jin, with back-up singers, sang: “There must be lights burning brighter, somewhere….”

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