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First European Stop on the Three Generations World Peace Tour

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Vienna, Austria
September 6, 2006

The 3rd World Peace Tour, following on the victorious stops in Korea, Japan, the United States and Canada, shifted to Europe beginning with Austria. The Schengen ban against the entry of Rev. and Mrs. Moon does not apply to their family members, who flew in from Canada and New York, led by Hyun Jin Moon. After an overnight “red eye” flight from JFK International Airport in New York, they landed midmorning in Vienna, only to disperse immediately to cities throughout the nation. In Vienna, Dr. and Mrs. Yong Cheol Song, Dr. and Mrs. Joong Hyun Pak, Rev. Peter Zohrer, and Mr. Peter Haider welcomed and took good care of the delegation.

Concurrent peace tour events included the following cities and their main speaker:
Graz,  Ji Yae Park
Linz, In Sup Pak
Wels,  Shin Il Moon
Krems,  Shin Sook Moon
Steyr,  Shin Bok Hong
Innsbruck,  Jin Man Kwak
Klagenfurt,  Hirotaka Otsuka
Salzburg,  Shiori Kunitoki
At three other locations in Vienna were Yeon Sun Yu,  Jin Hwa Yoshida, and Young Jun Kim, bringing the total to twelve.

Mr. Haider was emcee for the main event. Native American musician and spiritual leader J. Reuben Silverbird gave welcoming remarks, lamenting the prejudicial barrier that was keeping Rev. and Mrs. Moon from entering Austria. He spoke of his joy that Hyun Jin Moon, the Founder's son, had come to Vienna. Entertainment was provided by The Vienna Peace Choir, comprised of second generation members associated with the UPF. Dr. Thomas Walsh led the Holy Wine ceremony and read the Chairman’s Address. Rev. and Mrs. Pak officiated at the Blessing.

Prior to giving the Founder's address, Hyun Jin had an opportunity to walk through the old city of Vienna, seeing palaces and gardens, monuments to Hapsburg Emperors and musical “emperors” like Mozart and Strauss. As he entered the stage, he began by telling the audience how much he liked Vienna, noting the 250th anniversary celebrating the genius and talent of Mozart. "God’s dream--and the Founder's dream--was a symphony of true love," he said, and that was what this message expresses. He spoke passionately and the audience was enthusiastic, warm-hearted and very receptive to the message.

That same evening reports came that city leaders were very inspired by events in each of their cities.

August 7, at morning devotions, Hyun Jin shared with the people gathered that previously he hadn’t realized that Austrians create so much beautiful music. The most beautiful music is a symphony bringing people from all races, nationalities and religions together in true love. This is the greatest music of all.

What was the dream that God had? It was the realization of the ideal family, from the time of Adam and Eve. God’s original ideal of history was to expand His family of true love. To expand the realm of cosmic peace. To build God’s kingdom, an original homeland, which would be a palace for the true family.

What do we mean by lineage? Lineage is the transfer from one generation to the next.  This is seen in the "Four-Position Foundation." But for so many years the focus was on building the foundation to allow the age of the coming of the ideal world of love and peace. Beginning with 36 couples, they did not know this ideal; they were going through the restoration era. With the Coronation Ceremony of God, we start a new history that centers on the ideal family of God. Adam and Eve did not get kicked out, literally, but as their heart deviated from God, they naturally became distant. The parent/child relationship is essential in the universe, but it is based on true love and heart. False love—self-centered love—was the essence of the Fall of Man, and this created distance, which was reaped in the next generation through Cain and Abel.

Now is a time when the original ideal of God’s family must be realized. In three generations we have past, present and the future united, centered on God and true love.

Yesterday’s event was the spreading of God’s word and blessing through three generations, thus the realization of God’s dream can be realized in this age. Blessed central families will develop this pattern, so that in the future, we no longer will say "I am Austrian… German… French… American… Korean…" but we'll stand as citizens of God's ideal world of true love. The best form of marriage is inter-cultural exchange marriage… blending of the races. After two or three generations there is no distinction:  one family under God. Yesterday was a truly historical and providential event. Now is the time for you to take ownership of the dream of God—it has to be your dream. Inheritance is not an inheritance of property, position or power; it is to inherit the dream that God has. 

To close, Hyun Jin sang a song that is appropriate to this tour, with Dr. Walsh and Young Jun as his backup singers.






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