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‘Abel type’ means having an attitude of obedience to God; ‘Cain type’ means acting independently of God. The terms are relative and both should unite and cooperate.

Age Before the Coming of Heaven
The long history of sorrow until the opening of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Ambassadors for Peace
Distinguished leaders from all walks of life and all faiths who have dedicated themselves to the cause of peace.

Devoted service and attention to the needs of elders or those who are seniors in  terms of position, ultimately to God.

Bering Strait Tunnel Project
An ambitious plan to connect Russia and America across the Bering Strait; as a demonstration project involving cooperation among governments, foundations and individuals to bridge the divisions among the human family.

Blessed Family
Couples and families who have received the blessing sacrament from True Parents.

The ceremony of rebirth in which a man and woman are engrafted into the lineage of the True Parents as a married couple.

Cheon Il Guk
A Korean expression meaning the original ideal of God’s universal sovereignty, sometimes translated as the kingdom of the peaceful ideal world.

Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship
A ceremony signifying that the sovereignty of God has superseded the evil sovereignty of Satan.

Era After the Coming of Heaven
The time period when Satan’s sovereignty of evil has ended and God’s sovereignty of good has begun.

Exchange Holy Marriage
Marriage between individuals from different ethnicities, religions, nations dedicated to creating peace.

Family Foundation (Party) for Universal Peace and Unity
A foundation created in Korea by Rev. Moon that promotes family values.

Four Great Realms of Heart
The four main types of human love (parental, conjugal, fraternal, and filial).

Four Position Foundation
The relationship between God, a subject partner, an object partner and the new entity created by the interaction between the subject and object. For example, God, father and mother representing God’s dual characteristics, and a child as the result of their union.

God’s Lineage
As the invisible Parent of humankind, God is the origin of human love, life and lineage.

Human Fall
Adam and Eve’s act of disobedience that involved premature sexual experience, which violated God’s plan for the human ideal.

Atonement, restitution for the sins of history, especially through conscious effort to reverse their effects.

King and Queen of Peace
A role of the True Parents as the representatives of God on earth.

Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World
The spiritual kingdom of God’s love and grace as it appears in the world.

Mind-body Unity
Spiritual maturity; the state reached when our deeds match the highest ideals of love and living for the larger purpose.

Mongolian Peoples' Federation
A lay organization representing people of conscience who do not subscribe to any particular religion; it brings together people who share common characteristics of, or interest in, the people of Mongolian descent.

Object Partner
One of the equal partners in a love relationship. God created human beings as his object partners of love

Olive Tree
A Biblical metaphor for human beings. A wild olive tree is a person who has not yet submitted to God’s law and returned to his lineage

Original Homeland
A metaphor for the garden of Eden; the lost relationship between human beings and God and the world of goodness that would result from it being restored.

Parent-child Relationship
The relationship God wants to have with all people. We are all children of God and brothers and sisters.

Peace Kingdom Corps
A group of volunteers working internationally to promote peace among all peoples.
Providence God’s work in guiding human destiny.

Spirit Self
The spirit; the eternal part of a human being.

Spirit World
The destination of human beings after death and the dwelling place of God.

Subject Partner
One of the equal partners in a love relationship. God is the subject partners of love toward human beings.

Three Great Subjects Thought
The idea that all people should be a good parent, teacher and leader, representing God.

True Love
Love that is given without condition or expectation of return. God’s love.

True Parents
The first human couple to realize God’s ideal. Originally, this would have been Adam and Eve, but they fell. God anointed Rev. and Mrs. Moon to this role.


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