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4th World Assembly of the
Mongolian Peoples’ Federation for World Peace

Universal Values, Best Practices and World Peace

Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak
Chairman, Universal Peace Federation
President, MPFWP International

July 14, 2006
Geneva, Switzerland

Father Moon established the MPFWP in 2004 to provide a framework for people of Mongolian descent to take a central role in serving humanity and contributing to world peace. He explained the providential significance of the Mongolian people saying, “From a providential point of view, the Mongolian people of the world represent the eldest son. They must protect and carry on God’s good lineage, and serve God, the true parent of humanity. The eldest son has the providential responsibility to live for the sake of humanity and creation by going beyond walls of self-centeredness.”

According to Rev. Moon, people of Mongolian descent, all of whom bear a unique birthmark, have a significant role to play in the context of God’s providence of salvation and restoration.

The Mongolian birthmark is found on the back-side of infants. Genetically it is a dominant trait. If either one of a person’s parents is of Mongolian descent, that person will bear the bluish mark at birth. About 74% of the world’s population is linked to Mongolian roots. This spot appears not only in persons of the yellow race but also among many black and white people.

In ancient times, about 10,000 years ago, at the end of the ice age, the Mongolian people appeared in Central Asia and went to the North Pole, crossed the Bering Strait and passed through the North American continent to reach the southernmost tip of the South American continent. Others crossed the Himalayas, passed through India and southern China and spread throughout Australia and the islands of Oceania. Some crossed over the Caucasus and went from Central Asia to the southernmost tip of Africa, and others to the northernmost tip of Europe.

From a biblical perspective, the Mongolian line emerges from Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, and from Shem, the eldest son of Noah, who had been chosen by God to carry on the providence of salvation for humanity. The eldest son, who is the first fruit of his parents’ love, is responsible to serve his parents, take care of his siblings, preserve the family and carry on the lineage.

Noah’s son Shem is the ancestor of the Sumerian civilization, which developed the first writing system, the calendar, mathematics, astrology, and geology. The legacy of this civilization directly and indirectly affected the ancient civilizations in East Asia, India, the Middle East, Egypt, and Central and South America. These civilizations had Mongolian roots.

For this reason, we can find within these civilizations certain core values and characteristics which play a significant role in bringing about the realization of a world of peace. These characteristics include faith in absolute values, an understanding of human spirituality, belief in the existence of the spiritual world, an emphasis on family tradition and pure sexual morals, and the importance of lineage.

One core value and trait of the Mongolian peoples is filial piety, the proper love, respect and attendance of a son or daughter toward their parents, grandparents and elders, and ultimately toward God. A second core value, which derives from the first, is to love and care for one’s younger brothers and sisters in the family.

You may recall the biblical story of Cain and Abel. In this story we learn that the elder son, Cain, consumed by resentment and jealousy, killed his younger brother, Abel. This brought incredible grief not only to the parents, Adam and Eve, but also to God, the invisible True Parents of humanity. Noah’s family was to restore this failure of Adam’s family, and Shem was to restore the failure of Cain who refused “to be his brother’s keeper.”

To reverse or restore the sins of Adam’s family, Noah’s family was to live a life of attendance to the parents and service to one’s siblings. These values are rooted in the principle of living for the sake of others. This is the key teaching of all great religions. This principle has its origin in God.

In the message that Father and Mother Moon have been taking to all the nations of the world, we learn that the MPFWP represents a restored Cain realm on the world level that is to serve and embrace the nations and religions of the world, representing a restored Abel realm on the world level.

We live in an age that calls us to seek harmony and unification by going beyond all boundaries that have caused division and confrontation among the people, nations, races, religions, and ideologies of our world. We are all brothers and sisters who originate from a single source, one Creator and common ancestor. Any system of thought, culture, religion, nation, group or individual that promotes confrontation and struggle will no longer remain in the mainstream and will not be able to prevail.

Then how shall we open the way to harmony, peace and unification? It is only by the power of true love that comes when we align ourselves with God’s will and divine providence. Mankind to this day does not understand exactly why such concepts as savior, messiah, second coming and the return of the founders of world religions have persisted throughout history. It is because only in this way can we restore the absolute value system of true love, and restore humankind as the children of God’s true love, true life, and true lineage

Throughout human history Abel-like persons and institutions have been repeatedly dominated and oppressed by Cain-like persons and institutions. This pattern - Cain killing Abel - needs to come to an end at this time; not through violence or by force, but through the power of true love. Ultimately, Cain and Abel are to reconcile and unite as brothers and work together in accordance with the principle of living for the sake of others.

From the time of the Fall of our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, to the twentieth century, which ushered in a new millennium, humanity has lived in the historical period of God’s providence known as “the era before the coming of heaven,” an era when - on the levels of the family, tribe, society, nation and world - there was a division of good and evil resulting in conflict and struggle.

At this time in providential history, “the era after the coming of heaven” has opened up. On the foundation of the work of True Parents, a new heaven and new earth will be fully apparent by 2012. The cold war, in which representatives of good and evil struggled in conflict on a global level, has come to an end, ushering in a new age of globalization. Many ideologies, philosophies, and cultures that have been prominent, will decline. Meanwhile, a new ideal will take root and grow. Increasingly there will be a focus on interreligious harmony, spirituality, the spirit world, the true purpose and value of the family, sex and love, the family, and peace.

Hope for a new world of peace is growing throughout the world. This phenomena is occurring because we have entered a totally different age, related to God’s providential heavenly fortune.

Respected leaders of UPF and the Mongolian people and Ambassadors for Peace:

The era before the coming of heaven was one of conflict and struggle between good and evil. Now, in this time after the coming of heaven, everything that was divided is coming together as one in reconciliation; walls are breaking down. All the selfish practices that were employed in the era before the coming of heaven that encouraged division, conflict and struggle will no longer have an affect in the fields of politics, economics, society and culture. These selfish practices will be eradicated by heavenly fortune and by the will of the people.

Rev. Moon has foreseen the coming of this heavenly fortune and has ushered in the era after the coming of heaven. In order to open up an era of everlasting peace and unity, which is the hope of God and humanity, and in order to bring humanity back into the lineage where they can become siblings that have God as their true parent, he has promoted the Holy Blessing worldwide. He has also worked to establish the “Abel” UN, and the realm of Cheonilguk, in which all the people of the world will live together as one family, beyond barriers of nationality and race. He has led the movement to restore the spirituality of humankind through the liberation of God and the spirit world. He is promoting the Bering Strait Peace King Tunnel and the International Highway project, which will surmount all geographical divisions, connecting all humanity as one global village.

His footsteps hasten to advance God’s providence, which is continually unfolding. Later this evening, Rev. and Mrs. Moon, the True Parents of humanity and king and queen of peace, would like to reveal the details of God’s central providence to all of you, Mongolian leaders and Ambassadors for Peace. Their fervent desire is for all of you to become their successors and heirs. Let us all take up their cause and set the example of breaking down all barriers within the mind and body and working together to open up an era of true peace, unity, freedom and liberation. 

Never forget that there is a great providence that stands behind our work. We are not alone. Truly the living God is with us. Moreover, our ancestors, the saints and sages, spiritual leaders, righteous men and women stand with us and share our vision and our work.

May God bless you, your family and your nation.

Thank you very much.


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