May 30, 2023
Peace Tour III


November 2, 2006

The Slovene event of the 4th World Peace Tour was held in Ljubljana, at the Peace Embassy with American minister, Rev. Dr. Willie Weston. 

Violin and accordion music opened the event, and Veronika Klemenčič offered welcoming remarks. Ambassador for Peace Alexandra Kanalec offered a bouquet to the speaker, and three new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed.

Rev. Weston gave a very clear and strong testimony about the founders of UPF.
An event was held at the Celjski Dom in the center of Celjski. All the preparations were made by Kristina Bacovnik, who has been organizing monthly women’s meetings.

Rev. Kay  Anderson from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) greeted each of the participants personally. Among the guests were two Mormon missionaries.

A Catholic priest gave the welcoming remarks, and several new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed. It was a truly interreligious gathering.

The local newspaper published an article about the event along with photos.






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