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Flag of PolandPoland: An Aura of Peace

Jean-Luc Faure, Ambassador for Peace, German Pentecostal Minister
Warsaw, Poland
July 2, 2006

In October 2005, when Rev and Mrs. Moon were in Warsaw, Poland, I had the opportunity to meet them, and I can testify to the special feeling I had at that time.

It was as if I had entered into a different world; the aura around Rev Moon was full of peace and radiating like gold. It was not a normal peace but a pure and uplifting peace; not the peace in someone who had destroyed all conflicts but the peace in someone who did not know conflicts any more. It was as if all disharmony was forgotten forever. Also, all my fears and complexes were gone, and I felt only joy.

When I shook their hands, I was surprised: even though Rev Moon’s hand was big and strong and Mrs. Moon’s was smaller and light, they emitted the same frequency of love. Inside my heart, I felt so much love and protection.

I wish for all of us to build up such wonderful harmony in our life and in our marriage, as Rev and Mrs. Moon have done.

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