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European Region: Summary and Photo Report

Peace Tour, Europe
July 4, 2006

Romania - Mother Moon received a red carpet welcome at the airport. Former Prime Minister Radu Vasile attended and received the Leadership and Good Governance award. The event had an overflow crowd of 800, and the reception for 150 guests included government officials and Jewish, Muslim, Lutheran and Orthodox Christian religious leaders.

Romania - arrival at the airport

The audience in Romania

UPF VIPs in Romanian audience

Slovakia - The first President of Slovakia, Michal Kovac, greeted Mother Moon at the airport, attended the event, and received the Leadership and Good Governance Award. Austrian UPF assisted with preparing for the event, and the Vienna Peace Choir provided entertainment. Afterwards, people who prepared the event joined Mother Moon and her family for dinner at McDonalds and a walk along the Danube River. Dr. Thomas Walsh gave an interview on Slovak national television.

The National Theatre in Bratislava - a full house

Prof. Solarik presents flowers to Mother Moon

Vienna Choir in Bratislava - National Theatre

Tour Group in front of the National Theatre

- Two current Members of Parliament welcomed Mother at the airport. Former President of Malta and of the UN General Assembly, Guido de Marco, attended the event and received the Leadership and Good Governance Award. Volunteers spread throughout the island to personally invite people to the event.
Poland - In advance of the event, an exhibit of Universal Peace Federation activities inspired people to apply for Ambassador for Peace appointments. An invitation team including 20 young people helped attract an audience of 800 people. Mother Moon telephoned her husband to report: "It was a great, great success."  


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