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Middle East

Peace Tour, Middle East
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - International

True Mother and True Children continued in the Middle East part of the world tour, with programs in four nations: Lebanon, Turkey, Israel and Jordan from June 27 to June 30, 2006.

June 28, 2006  Turkey, Istanbul

On June 29, at hoondokhae, True Mother said: 30 years ago, the USSR was alive and well. Yet, we had underground missionaries there at that time. These underground missionaries often relied on direct guidance from spirit world. There was one American missionary who had a strong desire to go to USSR, and when he arrived he met one woman who had already had a dream that she was to meet him and learn about our movement. This lady's parents were very high level officials. So, when you work with God's providence and live according to God's will, many miracles can happen. Now is a totally different time. True Parents have already resolved all the core issues and problems at their root. The Coronation of God's Kingship has taken place and the Palace has been opening, and we are in the 6th year of Cheonilguk. So many saints and sages and even your own ancestors have received the blessing in the spirit world. The founders of the religions, how ashamed they must be of those who claim to represent their religions. They really tried to work with God's will, but the foundation they created are even an impediment to True Parents and God's providence.

You have a physical body. If you make the determination and you move forward with total commitment, then the spirit world will work with you. Imagine 30 years ago, who would have imagined the fall of the USSR. Who could have predicted that fall. Already True Father had predicted the end of communism. He called a PWPA meeting in 1985 on the Fall of the Soviet Union. Dr. Kaplan was so shocked. Finally, he agreed to obey Father. After that declaration, a condition was set for USSR to crumble. True Father went to Moscow in 1990. Then young people from USSR came to our workshops in USA and Russia, and they have been central in building a new movement in Russia. Now the Russian Orthodox Church is very resistant to our movement. But if they go against God's providence, they will not succeed in the end. So, it is a fact and a truth, that even if it takes longer, due to Satan's obstacles, the ultimate goal and fulfillment cannot be blocked.

The reversal of the persecution, the obstacles, will depend on the level of our determination and devotion. Imagine, if you really establish a reciprocal base, then don't you think miracles can happen? As I began this world tour, I emphasize how important is this time and how blessed are you to know God's providence and your purpose and to know God and True Parents, and to be Blessed. What an amazing blessing. As written in the speech, you were once wild olive trees, and now this true olive tree is growing and you are engrafted unto it. The wild olive trees are in ignorance and we must extend and spread the message, so they can be engrafted. There are no excuses that can be made. People are dying each day, without knowing God. If you realize they are your brothers and sisters, or your sons and daughters, can you sit by idly and do nothing.

Even the Middle East, where there is so much conflict, it all goes back to one root. You are all part of one family. How can you continue to fight. You have been fighting as brothers, because you have not discovered the Parents. When the Parents come, fighting can cease. Turkey and this region, must come alive, and end the cycle of conflict. You can be the channel for the spirit world to work and move this nation and region. Everything starts with one person. Whether it is a political movement, social movement or religious movement, it starts with one person. If there is just one person through whom God can work, then great things can happen...

June 29, 2006  Israel, Jerusalem
On June 30 at the hoondokhae, True Mother said: "As Father taught, the happiness and joy of this world should not stay with one individual, but it is to be shared with others, and in this way joy and happiness is multiplied. Yesterday's speech is a text book for our lives. Every day as you read you will learn more and grow more, as you listen to the content. This is Holy Land, but still all people are "wild olive trees" and need to be resorted or engrafted as "true olive tree." That was the purpose of yesterday's event. When the true olive tree is standing in front of us, we want to be engrafted.. Even a 3 year old can distinguish between rotten fruit and fresh fruit. So people can more and more see the real fruit. You must spread this message and this Blessing¡¦..this Good News, expanding it to your tribe and nation. Try your absolute best and harvest the fruits. Can you make that commitment."

June 30, 2006  Jordan, Amman

On July 1st, at hoondokhae, True Mother said: This is the region where east and west come together. This is a region that is very special, where there is so much history, some known only by God; it is a history that has brought great grief to God. This region has produced many great religions, and many saints and sages. From God's point of view the regions are quarrelling like siblings who have not found their True Parents. Many religious leaders served God as parent, but without fully understanding God's heart.

And  Rev. Kwak read the speech from the July 1st day, the Day fo God's Eternal Blessing. As the speech stated, Father worked to liberate God from his grief and pain and to bring God and humanity began to the original ideal. Rev. Moon released and liberated God..

God created with a heart of such expectation and joy. Through Adam and Eve God really wanted to establish the ideal. As Adam and Eve grew God's heart was to see God's ideal of true love, true life and true lineage fulfilled. In order for God to fulfill the ideal, he asked Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit. They were to become the co-creators with God, but this did not happen due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. So, when the Fall occurred, what a tragedy.

Often when you try something and it does not succeed you can simply try again. With Adam and Eve however, because they are son and daughter, God could not simply start over. Therefore, even though his heart was broken with grief and disappointment, he had to continue, seeking to restore His lost children, following the principle of restoration. This untold history of God's suffering is so painful. No one understood this tragic situation.

So, in the history of the Middle East where so many religious leaders and prophets emerged, but the providence of God's ideal has not been achieved. God worked so hard throughout providential history to raise these leaders and prophets, but he could not fully achieve his ideal. So many times, he sought to bring about a providential victory, but many times there was again a failure and God had to go to an alternative providence, and try again.

Last year, True Parents planned a world tour, and had planned to go to the Middle East, but True Parents could not go due to various scheduling conflicts, and I felt sad about that. Also, it was important that True Parents carry on their mission.  The conflict in the Middle East is not representative of God's hope and dream. That is not the will of God.

In God's eyes there are no difference of race, culture, ethnicity or religion. So, if we liken this world to a wild olive tree, the we can see that True Parents bring the true olive tree. If people insist on remaining with the wild olive tree realm, it is because they do not understand or cannot perceive the reality. But a young child even can tell the difference between fresh fruit and rotten fruit. Also, adults should be able to distinguish between a wild and a true olive tree.


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