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Flag of BrazilBrazil: Religious Leaders Welcome Moon

Sao Paulo, Brazil
July 30, 2006

Mother Moon and her daughters Yeon Jin and Jeung Jin arrived late morning at the Sao Paulo International Airport in Brazil and were guided directly to the Unification Movement’s large headquarters building near the central region of Sao Paolo. The headquarters building originally had five floors, and in addition to many offices, meeting rooms, and guest rooms, a sixth floor was built.

A very large temple has been built on the side and was specially decorated with golden curtains and huge backdrop reproducing the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum Palace in Korea. The entrance corridor and walkway leading to the stage were set with a long red carpet, spot lights, decorated with flowers and plants to welcome Mother Moon for the World Peace Tour.

The event took place in that main auditorium with 1200 in attendance. An additional 12 overflow rooms in the neighboring building were equipped with a cable TV network, large screens, loudspeakers and rented chairs to allow extra 1200 people to attend. Others were watching through the Internet. On the same night another event took place in the next building´s auditorium, and quite many guests could not find parking.

The audience included Archbishop Athanasios of the Greek Orthodox Church and Bishop Edson da Silva of the Brazilian Catholic Church; both were called to the stage to offer invocations. Other religious leaders in attendance included Sheik Armando Saleh Muslim, Father Juberli Varela, João Francisco de Osun, Mother Rita de Cassias, Elianildo Nascimento of the United Religion Initiative, Flavio Rassekh of the Baha’i Faith, Father Rodrigo Romano from the Melkite Orthodox, and several pastors and members of Christian churches and Afro-Brazilian groups.
Nelson Marquezelli, a Federal Congressman, read a congratulatory letter in the name of the National Congress welcoming Mother Moon:

“...During the last 17 years, I had many oportunities to admire and respect Rev. and Mrs. Moon. They practice true moral and spiritual values, continously defending these ideals and promoting the growth of the Unification Movement around the world. I feel very honored to participate in this event, a unique historical oportunity to hear the words of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, who are building peace in Brazil and around the world.”

Rosmary Corrêa gave congratulatory remarks at the end. Around 8:00 pm, Simão Ferraboli, national leader of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, called three representatives couples to the stage and introduced Dr. Thomas Walsh for the holy wine ceremony. Dr. Wash read the introductory speech in English, and guests listened to the Portuguese translation through a small radio.

For the second time on this tour, Yeon Jin Moon read the Founder’s Address, “God’s Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful Ideal World.” She is a graduate of New York University with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and economics. Born in 1981 in New York, Yeon Jin is the twelfth child of the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon.

Her presentation was polished and clear, and her attractive presence, youthful spirit and brightness were natural draws for the audience and allowed the sometimes weighty truths she communicated to be taken in with gratitude. 

The video presentation of the UPF was shown on two large screens on both sides of the stage. When the co-founder was introduced, everybody rose and applauded. She read the keynote address.

The pulpit was moved to one side, and twelve representatives couples came to the stage for the climax of the evening. True Mother and Yeon Jin Nim offered the prayer of blessing of marriage, sprinkled holy water, and read the three blessing vows. The couples lined up, with Mother Moon and Yeon Jin for the picture. A large plaque from the National Congress was offered by Deputy Marquezelli. Three cheers concluded the official event. A reception for about 200 people took place in an adjacent hall.


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