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Flag of the Central African RepublicCentral African Republic: Rally in the Heart of Africa Draws 1700 Participants

Rev. Noël Salogba
Bangui, Central African Republic
August 5, 2006

Banguissois (inhabitants of the town of Bangui) took part in massive numbers in the 180-Nation Peace Tour on Saturday, August 5, 2006 in the second main hall of the National Assembly Building in the presence of five members of the government. Colonel Michel Sallé, Minister of the Interior, representing the Prime Minister, came assisted by four Ministers: 

  • Mrs. Solange NDakala Pagonendji, Minister of the Family
  • Mr. Fidèle NGouandjika, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Mr. Zingas, Deputy Minister of Education
  • Mr. Wodobodé, Deputy Minister of Equipment, Transport and Civil Aviation

Also participating in this event were Deputies, representatives of political parties, religious leaders, heads of non-governmental organizations, and others. 

The program started with the presentation of the national hymn led by the MC Jean Kpétiabodé, who gave the words of welcome. Prayers were called by Imam Magba Gackara, representing the Moslem world, and Bishop Kalombo, representing the Christian world. He has been an Ambassador of Peace since November 2005 and traveled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in order to participate in the program. 

More than 1700 people participated in the holy juice ceremony along with the representative couples. The prayer of blessing was given by Rev. Noël Salogba, Coordinator of UPF in the Central African Republic.

Two significant speeches marked this event: the first speech of the Founder, "God’s Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World," was read by Rev. Salogba, followed by Rev. Adama Doumbia, Director of the West African Sub-Region, reading Mother Moon's  speech. 

The atmosphere in the room was very spiritual, but according to the formal  schedule, the governmental officials were to depart after the short speech by the Representative of the Prime Minister. But in spite of protocol, the authorities did not leave the room. They stayed for the whole program.

The blessing prayer for twelve couples was officiated by Rev. Adama and his wife. 

The Central African Republic is a nation of 4 million people located at the heart of Africa which has experienced recurring political crises since 1996—soldiers having caused disastrous effects within the population. At this moment, the people in the interior are always confronted with a problem of insecurity. 

It is in this climate that the principal event of the rally for peace could be held in coordination with the National Assembly of Bangui in a beautiful setting located at the feet of the Low Ubangui Mountains.

We recorded 1,700 participants, without counting those who came to beg our ushers to let them in without being recorded, in order to receive the message of hope which had been turned into a media event by the local press. 

Minister Michel Sallé declared: "I from now on am convinced that the religious world is important in the operation and even the stability of the country. That does not relate to a handful of religious groups, but all the entities. Because, one should not veil the face to recognize it, the religious organizations have a formidable capacity for mobilization, beyond ethnic and even tribal considerations."

Minister Fidèle NGouandjika stated that he became involved in order "to speak about the threats to peace in this moment in Africa.  [He is] delighted, however, that CAR is on the list of the countries retained within the framework of this meeting of peace." 

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