August 19, 2022

Flag of ChileChile: Heavenly Rainbow

Thomas Field
Santiago, Chile
August 10, 2006

Chile was blessed abundantly during True Mother and Sun Jin Nim’s visit on August 9 and 10, 2006. It had rained the day before and even that same morning, but the sky suddenly cleared up just prior to True Mother’s arrival. Then a brilliant rainbow proudly shone forth over Santiago, an unusual climatic occurrence in Chile, showing the promise of the blessings that God was about to bestow upon our nation. 

True Mother with Sun Jin Nim and her husband, In Sup Park, were accompanied in Chile by the Latin American Continental Director, Rev. Jung Soon Cho and his wife, as well as Rev. Jung Soo Kim of Costa Rica, Dr. Kim of Venezuela, Dr. Thomas Walsh, Alejandro de Souza, Won Ju McDevitt and the rest of True Mother’s dedicated staff of brothers and sisters. Although obviously tired, being on this final leg of their tour, True Mother and Sun Jin Nim showed incredible spirit and warmth as they shared with local leaders and brothers and sisters before the evening’s event.

Even though Chile is primarily Roman Catholic and somewhat conservative, it opened its arms to the True Family during the evening program. Sun Jin Nim shared the first speech with her beautiful spirit and strong presence, while True Mother’s speech radiated with the love and wisdom of God. Both speeches reached deeply into the minds and hearts of the audience. The holy wine and blessing ceremonies completed the event, filling the grand ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel with a strong ambiance of reflection and rededication. The 700 persons in attendance responded with deep thought, surprise and recognition, as the True Family poured out all their energy to convey God’s precious and very timely message and blessing.

Former Miss Chile and prestigious TV news anchorwoman, Cecilia Serrano was the MC for the pre-event. Other Ambassadors for Peace and VIPs in attendance included national senator Carlos Cantero; governor of Easter Island, Carolina Hotu; famous peace activist, Ana Fresno de Leighton; and many others from government, universities and religious organizations. Former presidents Patricio Alwin and Eduardo Frei were among those who sent letters of support. All of those present were deeply moved and challenged by the heart and total dedication of the True Family.

The gathering the following morning allowed the Chilean members, Japanese volunteers, and Ambassadors for Peace to understand and connect more deeply and personally with the True Family, as we read Father’s speech and then basked in the warmth and very personal words of guidance from True Mother. Next, everyone, including Mother, was brought to tears by the genuine testimony of Sun Jin Nim about her own realizations while accompanying True Mother in just nine countries of the tour about how much True Parents have totally given themselves to respond to God’s will for restoring the entire world. She explained how much parents love their own children and invest everything in them, and then said that if we multiply this by the more than 6 billion people on earth we will begin to comprehend the love of True Parents.

The Chilean members responded with songs offered by CARP members and blessed children. Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim rounded out the whole experience with a beautiful duet that left the members and Ambassadors for Peace in attendance surprised by their deep oneness and by the quality of their singing. 

During breakfast True Mother shared final words of inspiration with Chile’s leadership including, Thomas and Jae Soon Field, Mishihito Sano and Gerhard Peemoeler, plus various local church leaders. And then our Mother was off again, to the other side of the world. Although her stay in Chile lasted less than 24 hours, her spirit and presence left such a strong impact on our nation. We cannot but begin to fathom the depth of heavenly heart, love and blessing that we have had poured upon us during our True Mother’s visit to Chile. We are determined to take these wonderful gifts, True Family’s heavenly infusion of love and wisdom, and move boldly forward to fulfill God’s will of restoration for our country. Thank you True Parents!



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