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Flag of ChinaChina: Happiness Grows through Sharing

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Hong Kong, China
August 20, 2006

For the final stop on the 180-Nation Tour, Mother Moon and Hyun Jin arrived in Hong Kong at about 10:30 AM, after a three to four hour flight from Palau. They were welcomed by Dr. and Mrs. Joon Ho Seuk, Dr. Thomas and Kathy Hwang, Dr. Dae Oh Son, and many leaders from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, and other cities in China. They lodged at the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong’s finest hotel.

During the day, there was a conference, co-sponsored by UPF-Eurasia and the International Educational Foundation, convened at a nearby venue, focused on bringing harmony and cooperation for “Peace and Development Across the Taiwan Strait.” About 60 Chinese leaders from Hong Kong, the Mainland and Taiwan gathered, along with representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and several other nations in the region. It was co-chaired by Ms. Alice Huang and Dr. Chang. Dr. Seuk gave the keynote address and Dr. Walsh the opening remarks. The conference ran from August 19 to 21 and marked the launch of a new organization aimed at promoting dialogue, interaction, harmony and cooperation between the peoples of the PRC and Taiwan.

The main event was held at 6:00 PM. Mrs. Kathy Hwang opened the program. The hall and stage were decorated beautifully, with banquet-style seating for 600 and two overflow rooms to accommodate the 1000 attendees.

Since this was the last nation and city before Mother Moon’s return to Korea, there was a high spirit of celebration and victory. This was reflected in the audience’s warm, appreciative and enthusiastic welcome to Hyun Jin and Mother Moon. This receptivity, respect and appreciation, coupled with the distinguished leaders in attendance, created an ideal and receptive environment for Hyun Jin and Mother Moon to present God’s word without any reserve or sense of distance. There was a warm, family atmosphere among the Chinese leaders. Hyun Jin opened his remarks with expression of appreciation not only to those gathered but also to his parents, congratulating Mother Moon for her incredible accomplishment and urging everyone to give their very best attention to every word of the message that he and his mother would present. Hyun Jin was dynamic, lively, serious, and yet projected a very confident, comfortable presence.

Mother Moon entered the stage truly as the Queen of Peace, the Queen of True Love and as the True Mother. Her presentation was perfect as she demonstrated once again that she is the “master” of the message and the word--not simply because her presentation is so effective but because her character and being are one with the words she speaks.

The prayer for blessing of marriage went beautifully, and the closing cheers were jubilant. Following the main event, there was a banquet. All remained for the ten-course meal and entertainment.

The following morning Mother Moon spoke, with Thomas Hwang translating into Chinese. “Chinese is a complicated language,” she said, “and so a certain number are illiterate. The Korean language is both sophisticated and simple. Korean can even express the sound of a crying baby. [There was a crying baby in the back of the room, and everyone laughed.] If you know the 24 characters you can master the language very easily. When you feel God is far away, then if call out in Korean, that will open God’s ears.”

She asked how many people were seeing her for the first time and then said: “I traveled to many continents and nations and met so many Ambassadors for Peace who are committed to carrying out God’s providence at this time. So many are waiting for the spring rain, thirsting for God’s word. There is one world, one God, one True Parents and one True Family. All the nations of the world are like the children of True Parents, whether they are large or small, powerful or not so powerful.” She talked about meeting the president of India, who suggested that a book be published of essays by Ambassadors for Peace describing the impact Father Moon has made on them.

“The hope of all people of the world is to meet True Parents,” Mother Moon added. “What fortunate and happy people you are! You breathe the same air as True Parents, and you are alive at the same time as them. The more you share your joy and happiness, the greater it becomes. You received the precious Blessing, without any price, so you should share it freely and openly with your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. Do your very best, and heavenly fortune will be with you. This life is like the baby in the mother’s womb. At a certain point it has to come out, and come to life on earth. Parents hope their baby will be born healthy and able to flourish and enjoy life. So too is God’s hope when you enter the spirit world. The eternal world is the place where we shed our physical body. How much we prepare on earth will determine our capacity in spirit world. So, in order to enjoy happiness in the eternal world, you should live 24 hours a day for the sake of others.”

In closing, she said she would like to hear many songs, but she needed to leave right away for Korea, where a large rally was planned. Hyun Jin closed the morning meeting with a song.


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