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Flag of GabonGabon: Countering Negative Publicity

Rev. Taty Ntoko Nelson
September 9, 2996


According to our financial resources, we invited 300 people to attend our World Peace Rally on September 9 in Gabon. We invited the Vice Prime Minister in Charge of Social Affairs, the Vice Prime Minister in Charge of the Environment, and a Minister in Charge of the City and NGOs. We contacted other dignitaries, including diplomats from the nearby countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Equatorial Guinea Republic. In addition, we invited Ambassadors for Peace, pastors and members of their congregation.

Rev Taty Ntoko giving his address

World Peace Blessing

In preparation, we gave interviews on television and radio. The television interview contained criticism of our movement as a sect and negative remarks about the holy juice ceremony, which is offered as a toast in blessing and unity of marriage. This did not affect our spirit of the organizers, since it is not the first negative publicity.

On September 9 at 2:00 pm, when the event was scheduled to begin, the hall was almost empty. The Ambassador for Peace who was going to read Father Moon’s speech was not present, and the one who was to be the moderator called to say he was sick. We waited until 3:00 pm, when the first group of people started arriving, and we substituted other people in these roles.

People in the audience were especially interested in the section of the speech explaining that the sex organ of the woman belongs to her husband and vice versa. Closing remarks included quotes from the recent talk given by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak to Ambassadors for Peace in Cameroon.


Rev. Ntoko and the Media

There were 104 people in attendance. Some Ambassadors for Peace were not present because they had returned to their hometown for independence day celebrations. Some church leaders came in the morning, thinking it was the same time of day as announced when the event was originally scheduled for August 26. The Equatorial Guinea delegation came but were unable to stay to the end because they had another activity.

People took the remaining holy juice home to share with those who were invited but did not attend. They were able to explain the content of the presentations and the purpose of the holy juice of blessing and unity. On the basis of friendship the toast of blessing and unity was well received, and some of these people were very inspired of the contents of speeches.

A representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mr. Dedo, said “It was important to hold this event in this country. Even though the attendance was small, you have to continue this so people come to understand you. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rev. Moon is very well known.” The impressions reported by the pastors were divided. Some were in agreement with the message while others were adversely affected by the negative reports about Rev. Moon.

In Cameroon and Benin, there have been three-day seminars for ministers, deputies and other dignitaries to educate them about the vision of Father and Mother Moon. A similar program would be helpful in Gabon.


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