August 19, 2022

Guinea: Government, NGOs and Religions Hand in Hand to Achieve Peace

Rev. Adama Doumbia, UPF Sub Regional Director for West Africa 2
Conakry, Guinea
September 20, 2006

September 20th  was a truly an historical day in this peaceful but worried land of Guinea in the heart of West Africa. Even though I was concerned that the local leadership of UPF has chosen a working day and morning time for the rally, I was surprised and pleased to see these 1,050 guests seating in this famous Palais du Peuple hall where founding President Sekou Toure used to deliver long and very bold revolutionary messages during the time of cold war when Guinea was in close tie with then Soviet Union.

Imam Ibrahima Bah

Ambassadors for Peace

Among the guests were top leaders of all fields; three government Ministers, the Speaker of parliament accompanied by 14 high officials from political parties.

The invocation was offered by the Archbishop Gomez, Head of Anglican church and El Hadj Ibrahima Bah, the Grand Imam of Conakry. This is so significant in a country where 85% of population belong to Islam.

A new Ambassadors for Peace

Some participants were so amazed to see so many people from different fields who usually are not together but whose words and activities affect so directly the life in the nation.

UPF Chairman Michel Kamano, who is also the President of ECOSOC in his country, was constantly smiling and as some guests came to him and congratulate him for being able to bring these people together.

After the Holy Juice ceremony by Jonas Haba, National FFWPU President and first Peace Message presented by Mrs Camara Poli, the Vice Minister of Religion said, “We believe this organization is truly a good one. Whenever you have some activity please do not hesitate to call us and we will be so happy and please to join you”

Guinea has been affected by political unrest in neighboring Liberia (14 years of civil war), Sierra Leone (11 years) and Cote d’Ivoire now troubled since 2002. Many refugees came from these countries and land and food issue became so serious. That is why Guinea chapter with its 50 Ambassadors for Peace is now heading towards  more educational seminars for the local VIPs in order for them to play more and more active role in Peace Building  in West Africa. They follow the African saying “when fire is burning in your neighbor’s house, you should help firemen stop the fire otherwise you house may become the next target”

It is good to mention that this rally was also the official inauguration of UPF in Guinea. Already more and more people are willing to join UPF as Ambassador for Peace and take part in the Peace building activities in West Africa starting from Guinea. In the evening of September 20th, the rally was in the head news of National TV which is aired worldwide via satellite.


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