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Flag of HungaryHungary: Dispelling Ignorance

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Budapest, Hungary
July 5, 2006

Mother Moon arrived in Budapest early on July 5 and was welcomed at the airport by Professor Erno Lazarovits, Rev. and Mrs. Shin, and other leaders.

Prior to the main event there was a reception for about 40 Ambassadors for Peace and new contacts.

The main event was held in a beautiful ballroom. Professor Tomas Foldesi gave the welcoming remarks, describing Mother Moon’s life and accomplishments, the marriage blessings he has attended in Korea, conferences in Washington, DC, the Middle East Peace Initiatives, etc. 

Kook Jin spoke with great power and spirit. With each passing day, he presents the Founder’s Address with greater and greater clarity, conviction and confidence.  He truly stands as a prince. His wife, Ji Hye, and sister, Yeon Jin, are always supporting, seated in the front row each day.

Mother Moon is consistently graceful, beautiful and fully at ease in presenting the truthful and deep content of her message each day.
Following the main event, Mother Moon and the family watched the World Cup game between France and Portugal. Dinner consisted of a buffet of pizza, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and kimchee soup.

The following morning, Mother Moon talked about children, new beginnings, springtime and harvest. "This is the time of ripeness, heavenly fortune and harvest, " she said, "and yet so many are living in darkness. We need to bring people into the light. The age of indemnity with no result is over. Now, whatever you plant will yield result. I witnessed many miracles during my speaking tour."

She referred to the difficulties in entering some nations. "People are ignorant of what True Parents are doing for the world as true peacemakers. Spread the word of True Parents' work and accomplishments. People will see that this message is precious for their lives."

Mother Moon then invited the Hungarians and Austrians to sing and encouraged them to include singing and dancing in their public events. Following a song by Rev. and Mrs. Yong Cheol Song, she led everyone in singing the traditional Korean song, "O Maya." On the way to the airport, they stopped at McDonalds for breakfast.


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