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Flag of JordanJoyful Dancing in Jordan

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Amman, Jordan
June 30, 2006

Mother Moon and Kook Jin arrived in Jordan on June 30 after a 20-minute flight from Tel Aviv to Amman. They were welcomed at the airport by Dr. Hamdi Murad, General Mansour Abu Rashid, Mr. Taj Hamad and other Ambassadors for Peace from Jordan.

The main event was set for 700 as a banquet at the Raddison Hotel. There was some concern that such a large hall could be filled. The event was attended by 800 attentive and appreciative people from throughout Jordan, some standing throughout, with leaders like Mr. David Fraser Harris, Mr. Hod Ben Zwi and Mr. Jin Man Kwak giving up their seats and standing so others could sit. Mr. Hamad served as emcee, speaking throughout in Arabic. He guided the program charmingly and effectively, creating a wonderful atmosphere, artfully balancing lightheartedness with deep seriousness.

Dr. Murad introduced the holy juice ceremony, and Mr. Hamad offered the prayer. Sheikh Taysir Tamimi, head of the Sharia Court of Palestine, gave the invocation; and Mrs. Haifa al Bashir gave the welcome remarks, expressing her great respect for the work and accomplishments of Father and Mother Moon and the Universal Peace Federation.

Both Kook Jin and Mother Moon spoke powerfully and confidently, communicating God’s message with true love power and a warm-hearted, heavenly confidence.

The prayer for blessing of marriage was joyfully celebrated, and many leaders and Ambassadors for Peace gathered on the stage for the closing photo and three cheers.

Group Photo

Following the main program, there was a banquet with entertainment from a traditional Jordanian Bedouin group. Everyone sang and danced together. There was a very joyful feeling as people stayed on until late in the evening eating, talking and enjoying one another’s company.

This was a great victory for the Jordanian and the entire Middle East Region of UPF. Leaders gathered from throughout the region, centering on Dr. Sang Jin Lee and Mr. Harris. Through the growing confidence and fond-heartedness toward Father and Mother Moon by Ambassadors for Peace, there is a sense of a breakthrough, thaw, and springtime arising in the Middle East. It is the fruit of the pioneering leaders in this region, the sacrificial Japanese volunteers, people with a special calling to these nations, and the consistent and growing impact of the Middle East Peace Initiative.

The following morning, Mother Moon spoke from her heart: "This is the region where east and west come together. There is so much history, some known only by God. This region has produced many great religions, and many saints and sages. From God’s point of view the regions are quarrelling like siblings who have not found their true parents. Many religious leaders served God as parent, but without fully understanding God’s heart. God created with a heart of such expectation and joy. As Adam and Eve grew, God longed to see His ideal of true love, true life and true lineage fulfilled through them. They were to become the co-creators with God, but this did not happen due to the fall. Therefore, even though His heart was broken with grief and disappointment, He sought to restore His lost children. In God’s eyes there are no difference of race, culture, ethnicity or religion. Please remember that God is our True Parent and we are His sons and daughters."

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