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Flag of MexicoMexico: 100th Day of the Peace Tour

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Mexico City, Mexico
August 6, 2006

Mother Moon, Sun Jin and In Sup Pak arrived around noon in Mexico City, the 100th stop on the peace tour, welcomed by Rev. and Mrs. Chong Kwan Yoo, Mrs. Betsy Jones, and others. Everyone was facing a significant shift in altitude (Mexico City lies at 7400 feet above sea level) and temperature, as well as language, and culture. Many of us experienced shortness of breath as we adjusted lower oxygen levels at this altitude.

Mexico is a nation of over 100 million people. Recently there have been significant political demonstrations each day, in the center of Mexico City, as a follow-up to the recent presidential elections. The results were being challenged by the opposition, with claims of irregularities and corruption, and demands for a new election. Each day up to 200,000 protestors had been gathering in the streets near our hotel. There was some concern that this might affect the tour event, or the ability of participants to travel into the central city, however, it had no impact.
The main event was held in the ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel. The banquet hall was prepared for about 1000. Before the pre-program even began, the ballroom was completely full, and an overflow room was also filling up completely. The preparation and organization was excellent. Lic. Rebeca Vilafana de Hellier served as emcee. There were several pre-program speakers, including Ambassadors for Peace: Sen. Jorge Abel Lopez Sanchez, Sen. Federico Doring Casar, Sen. Santiago Cortes Sandoval, and Dr. Oton Perez Fernandez del Castillo. The invocation was offered by Padre Jorge Luis Mora. Amb. Phillip Sanchez then gave a beautiful testimony of his experiences with Father and Mother Moon over many years, preparing the audience to receive the main speaker. Dr. Thomas Walsh led the holy wine ceremony and then read the Chairman’s address to the audience that was gracious, respectful and dignified.

Sun Jin was introduced as the 9th child and 4th daughter of Father and Mother Moon, and a person deeply committed to the vision, mission and work of her parents. Sun Jin prefaced her reading with words of appreciation for the opportunity to present this speech to the audience here in Mexico, indicating that this speech contained the essential teachings of her Father. She asked for everyone to give serious attention to the message. With a wonderful presence, and natural ability as a public speaker, she is a natural communicator. 

Mother Moon followed Sun Jin's presentation, and although she was struggling with both a cold and the altitude, she presented flawlessly.
Following the Blessing ceremony, dinner was served, with singing, sharing, picture-taking, and it was heartwarming to see these high quality, dignified guests remaining for an hour or two after the main program.  

The morning of August 6, the morning devotion was read by Alejandro de Souza, who then translated for Sun Jin, who gave some remarks and guidance.

She expressed heartfelt thanks that this 100th event was completed so successfully and she spoke about her experiences of being on the tour.  "We are very tired just after four days, and to imagine all that Mother is doing, and all that our Parents are doing in pouring out their heart and energy all over the world. So we really should become the true filial sons and daughters. One thing I have seen this time on the tour, I can see how much effort and work is necessary to put these events together. There is so much enormous sacrifice and hard work—truly, so many are giving continually of one's self for the sake of others. I had a deep realization of this point during these past four days.

"It reminds me when Mother said to me many times, 'wait till you have children, and then you will understand.' We haven’t all been ideal children and have caused sometimes tremendous annoyance and suffering to our Parents, but they have never given up on us, not for a moment. This brings us to the significance of the speech and the point about the parent-child relationship. It is at the very core of the Providence and the way we change the world.

"I heard from Rev. Yoo that Mexico is a very warm-hearted culture, very family-oriented, with people gathering together frequently to be together. I was very happy to see this, it is a great attribute. Today is a celebration and it is a victory, so let us have some singing." 

After many songs in many languages, it was time for the tour to continue to the next stop.


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