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Mongolia FlagTour Continuation in Mongolia

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia
June 16, 2006

The 180-nation World Peace Tour resumed in Mongolia on June 16-17, 2006, after the World Peace Summit in Seoul and a week of celebrations near Cheong Pyeong Lake in Korea. 

On a spectacularly beautiful day, the route from the Ulaanbataar airport to the city was lined with welcome banners, and thousands of young people were waving flags and cheering enthusiastically. The hall was filled with 4000 people, and another 1000-2000 people were outside. Every detail was beautifully organized, including the stage design, the traditional Mongolian music, the chanting of Buddhist prayers, ad the welcoming remarks by the Minister of Social Welfare and Labor.

Hyun Jin spoke with a youthful, high spirit and moved the audience. Then Mother Moon appeared on stage, with the sky blue background. With her gracious manner, beautiful dress and smile, she projected a heavenly dignity. She communicated the content of the message beautifully and captivated the audience.

Twenty-three current and 14 former members of parliament attended. Some commented that seeing her gave them new hope. They see this as a new opportunity for Mongolia to be reborn. Former President Punsalmaagin Ochirbat voiced his pride in being part of this global movement. This year is the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Mongolian Empire. Although Genghis Khan conquered the world, it was by force, but now Father and Mother Moon envision Mongolia with its 2.5 milliion people becoming a central nation in God’s providence. Mongolian people are proud of this history, many are interested in the potential for becoming a force for world peace.

The following morning, more than 1000 assembled to listen to words of guidance from Mother Moon and Hyun Jin Nim. "You Mongolian people are very beautiful," Mother Moon commented. "I hear that Mongolian women are very powerful." She listened to reports about Ambassadors for Peace recognizing the depth of the message Mother Moon is conveying and discussing how to implement her sugestions. Plans are underway to build a healthcare facility, for instance. Mother Moon challenged the young people to spread this vision throughout the society and nation, stating, "As much as you are strong and determined to accomplish, you can fulfill your goals. Now is the time to expand the blessing to the entire world."

Hyun Jin Moon encouraged young people to have passion and to have a big dream.  He then sang a Korean song, "Nimgwahamkey," and people joined in spontaneous dancing. Mongolian people performed a traditional dance.

The event was covered in the press and on television. Admiration was expressed for Hyun Jin as a model leader with a charismatic appeal. A Mongolian woman reported that she and other women were "intoxicated by Mother Moon's grace and beauty."

Mother Moon began the tour suffering from a fever and a cold, but she never faltered. She was accompanied by her son Hyun Jin and his wife, Jun Sook, as well as her daughter Yeon Jin. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak joined the tour in Mongolia, hosting a VIP luncheon along with Dr. Thomas G. Walsh. His son, Jin Man Kwak, continued on to other Eurasian countries, often serving as a translator. Dr. Antonio Betancourt and Dr. Mark Barry were in Mongolia as representatives of UPF International, at the invitation of the government for high-level discussions on economic development.


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