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Flag of NigeriaNigeria: A Message for Everyone

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Abuja, Nigeria
July 23, 2006

Mother Moon and Hyo Jin arrived in Abuja, Nigeria, mid-morning on July 23. While waiting for customs clearance, there was discussion about the current crisis in the Middle East and how it was intensifying the interest in and appreciation for the message that Mother Moon and Hyo Jin are bringing. Clearly the conventional approaches to peace are not working, and increasingly the world is giving more serious consideration to this message.

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most important countries and has the largest population. Its oil reserves are stimulating significant economic growth as well as political strength.

The main event was very well organized. Mrs. Kathy Rigney, Mrs. Evylyn Winter, Mr. Michael Kiely, Rev. George Ikpot and Rev. George Ogurie were attentive to every detail. The program proceeded very smoothly, efficiently and allowed the heart and spirit to flow without obstruction.

The program was attended by 1400, far more than the 1200 anticipated. Many had to be turned away as there were not only no seats, but no standing room. Many traditional chiefs, tribal kings and queens, members of the national assembly, religious leaders and NGO leaders attended.

Hyo Jin presented the Founder’s address. With each event, he presents the message with increased capacity to project the heart and profound content of the message, becoming more one with the word. His years of experience as a musician and performer enhance his ability to convey the message effectively. He’s “a natural” on the stage, and offers a great range of expressions, in heart, volume, emotion, etc., making the presentation, a long speech, always interesting and engaging.

Mother Moon presented boldly and joyfully and, as always, has the audience fixed on each word and sentence. Although Father Moon is not with her, she is so proud and encouraged each day to have her sons doing so well in presenting his heart and essence; this re-inspires and renews her each day. There’s a victorious feeling, but there’s so much more to do and not enough time in which to do it.

Following the main event, there was a banquet for 200 people. Remarks were given by several key people, expressing appreciation for the message. “What we have heard today is really the hope of all ages, a message for all races, religions and nationalities, rich and poor,” said Alhaj Bamaya Tukur.

People commented on the passion, scope and applicability of the messages. Mrs. Helen Mbakwa said, “I now know I have to work to restore the failure of Adam and Ave, and I have to work to be a bridge between Cain and Abel in this world.” Alhaf Fatima Ibrahim said, “The presentations were delivered with so much passion and dedication. It was a privilege to sit and listen. I am so proud to be with UPF. I will carry this message to our families, our communities and our entire nation.”

Hon. Pauline Tallen, Former Minister of Science and Technology, said: “God is using Mother Moon and Hyo Jin as his instruments to bring peace to this world. God is working through them beyond any human comprehension. Let us all study this message. Clearly it is lack of love causes struggle and conflict in this world. God does not need people to fight for Him; that is not the mission of religious believers. If God wants to destroy someone He can do that, so you religious leaders do not need to do that for him. What He needs is for us to love one another. Let’s take this message to the world.”

Others were impressed by the people exemplifying the ideas being expressed. Senator Ibrahim Mantu, Deputy President of the Senate, said, “The IIFWP people are so knowledgeable and they are continually serving, day after day without ceasing. Like Mrs. Rigney, they live for the sake of others. We will spread this message and sponsor others to attend the conferences worldwide.”

Hon. Jonathan Goodluck, Governor of Bayelsa State: “This vision will surely help us reach peace. The newspapers and TV portray so much conflict and hate. That is why I am so elated to be an AFP and to be a part of UPF. After today, I only want to do more for peace.” The governor donated $30,000 to help pay the costs of the event and also has agreed to have the International Educational Foundation/UPF Character Education Curriculum taught throughout his state.

The following morning Mother Moon spoke: “In God’s eyes there are no colors. God did not intend the divisions of race, religion, nationality and culture. God wanted a world of one universal human family. Through True Parents, the barriers are falling down.” She talked about wild olive trees engrafting onto the true olive tree, the word like spring rain satisfying people’s desire for truth, and the availability of spiritual help from saints and ancestors.

Mother Moon invited people who came from outside Abuja to sing, and those from Abuja. Hyo Jin sang. Mother Moon suggested that Nigeria develop a youth choir.

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