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Flag of NigeriaNigeria: VIPs Support Tour

Abuja, Nigeria
July 23, 2006

While we had heard reports that Mother Moon was becoming quite tired on her long tour, she appeared refreshed and wonderfully radiant on the stage of Le Meridien Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria Saturday. She spoke with dignity and clarity; in fact, her English enunciation was so clear that the audience would not have needed programs to follow the content. Quite a number of VIPs told a number of us that they were impressed with TM and with the content of her speeches.

La crème de la crème of Nigerian political and social life attended the event. It was an overflow crowd. Only about 1200 people were able to squeeze into the event and another 200 to 300 into the overflow room.  The hotel told us that many people were turned away outside. Our ushers were challenged by aspirant attendees pushing forcefully to enter the room, even though there were no remaining seats. The hall was clearly not large-enough, but it was the largest we could get on short notice because of a last minute change of date.

The response of the media to our press conference last Wednesday was overwhelming. Virtually every newspaper, radio, TV and magazine organization in Abuja was present at the event. Photographers and cameramen lined the sides and back of the hall. We have heard that there was substantial TV coverage of the event and have been told that a number of newspaper articles will appear today. Pre-event coverage was quite positive.

At a banquet after the Saturday program, VIP after VIP said that they were impressed with "Mother Moon" and wanted to become more engaged in and supportive of the activities of the Universal Peace Federation.

In sum, heaven opened up and dropped buckets of blessings on Nigeria this weekend like the tropical rains that so often fall here.


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