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Flag of SlovakiaSlovakia: Share with Others What You Receive

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Bratislava, Slovakia
July 4, 2006

Mother Moon and Kook Jin Moon arrived in Bratislava early on July 4, and were welcomed at the airport by several Ambassadors for Peace, including former Deputy Foreign Minister Robert Harencar, as well as the core national leadership of the Universal Peace Federation and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

In addition, Mother Moon was welcomed by former President Michal Kovac; he was the first President of the new nation of the Slovak Republic. President Kovac spoke with Mother Moon and Kook Jin for about ten minutes at the airport. He spoke about the need to address the problem of family breakdown and expressed his appreciation for Father and Mother Moon and the message being carried around the world.

The National Theatre in Bratislava - a full house

Prof. Solarik presents flowers to Mother Moon

After being liberated from Communist domination, Czechoslovakia was divided in two. Slovakia [Slovak Republic] and the Czech Republic separated amicably and formed two independent states, in 1993. Slovakia joined the European Union and NATO in 2004. The population is five million; 70 percent are Roman Catholic.

The national leaders are Igor and Katalin Koromhaz; from Korea came Rev. Kim Sung Won and Mrs. Lee Eui Ja. The first representative of Father and Mother Moon in the country was Mrs. Emilia Steberl from Austria; she went to Czechoslovakia in 1968, while it was still under communist rule. Severe persecution began in 1973, and 30 people were imprisoned for up to five years. Czech sister Marie Zivna died in prison under suspicious circumstances; she was honored by Father Moon as a martyr. 

The main event took place at the Slovak National Theatre, a wonderful concert hall located in the center of the old city near the Danube River. It was the same hall where True Father spoke in 2005. Mr. Martin Alexy was the emcee.

A choir from Vienna, the “Vienna Peace Choir,” performed two pieces that were fantastic in quality. Two members of the Special Task Force in Europe performed several pieces with guitar and bagpipes.

The program went very well. Kook Jin was especially inspiring and dynamic in his presentation. His wife Ji Hye and sister Yeon Jin offered their full attention and support from the first row.

Following the main program there was a reception where former President Kovac was honored with UPF’s Leadership and Good Governance Award, followed by the appointment of two Ambassadors for Peace.

Later that evening, Mother Moon treated many of the staff and members to dinner at McDonalds.


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