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Flag of SwazilandSwaziland: Practice the Principles of Peace

Rev. Peter Wonderlik
Manzini, Swaziland
August 6, 2006

The event in Swaziland took place on Sunday 06 August 2006 at the Tums George Hotel in Manzini, Swaziland. Among the dignitaries at this well attended event were traditional chiefs, tribal kings, senators, members of the national assembly, religious leaders and NGO leaders. The opening speech was given by former Minister, Mrs. Stella Lukhele who emphasized about “living for the sake of others” and family as the basic unit of everything. She attended the June 13th event in Korea.

Couples attending the Peace Blessing
The welcome address was read by Senator Bella Katamzi on behalf of the Deputy Speaker, Mrs. Trusty Gina. An extract of the speech reads: “Unless we can practice the ‘principles of peace’ in our Kingdom of Swaziland, we will continue to face the challenges of HIV/AIDS, dysfunctional families, poverty and hunger.  That means that the Kingdom of Swaziland will only be in a state of “absence of war”, but not at peace within us. I trust the peace messages we will receive today will touch the hearts and minds of all those present today.

The Chairman’s address was read by Rev. Abednego Dlamini (Senator and chairman of UPF Swaziland), the Founders Address by Rev. Peter Wonderlik and the keynote address by Rev. Youngsuk Kim. Rev & Mrs Kim officiated the Peace Blessing Ceremony over 21 couples. Ambassadors for Peace were awarded to: Chief Prince Kekela Dlamini (Member of the King’s Council), Senator Bella Katamzi and tribal chief: Bishop Musa Mbingo.

Among the couples that attended there was an appreciation for the peace messages that truly emphasized the strengthening of the family and they pledge a new commitment to their marriages. The call for education for Ambassadors for Peace on an ongoing basis was another popular reflection. Rev. Dlamini and Rev. Wonderlik were interviewed by Swazi TV and our event made the national news.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity of Swaziland being part of the 180 Nation World Peace Blessing Tour.

New Ambassadors for Peace


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