August 19, 2022

Flag of the United Kingdom England: 1500 Attend Speech

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
London, England
July 15, 2006

Mother Moon and Kook Jin Moon arrived in England on July 15 at a private airport, Chislehurst, and went straight to the very, very beautiful Livingston House, the house built for the explorer of “Dr. Livingston I presume” fame, for lunch. Afterwards there was a one-hour into central London to the elegant, very well-lit exhibition hall of the Royal Horticultural Society of the UK.

Nearly 1500 people packed the hall. There was a reception for about 100 distinguished guests of all racial, religious, national, ethnic backgrounds. Robin Marsh presided and both Dr. Thomas G. Walsh and Dr. Michael W. Jenkins offered remarks.

The main event was co-emceed by Mr. David Hannah and Dr. Walsh. The evening opened with performances by several youth groups -- “Shinrok,” a rock band from Germany, a "WAIT group" of dancers, “Silk Strings” playing oriental instruments --plus one Gospel choir.

Rev. Dr. David Hart gave the welcome remarks, commenting on the beautiful diversity of the audience and the changes in London and the United Kingdom since he was born in 1954 -- noting that he was born the same year that HSA-UWC was formed in Korea. He described the great significance of the movement Father and Mother Moon are leading all over the world. He was dynamic, articulate and insightful.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak delivered the Chairman’s Address with passion and clarity, laying the foundation for Mother Moon and Kook Jin.

The principal speakers were both in their top form. This being the final event for the European tour, and particularly Kook Jin’s last event for this world tour, there was a feeling of accomplishment and appreciation in the air, so their presentations were especially crisp, energy-charged and spirited. The audience was equally in good form, engaged, responsive and grateful.

It was a great day, a beautiful day to be in London.

The British members are wonderful and full of good talent, with all working cooperatively to offer the best service and create a successful event. One example, the group from Birmingham, with David Earle, brought 120 guests to the London event.

This was great conclusion to the European tour through 15 nations. Congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. Song, to Mr. Mark Brann, Rev. Tim Reed, and all the UPF team and Ambassadors for Peace.


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