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Flag of UkraineFocusing on the Family in Ukraine

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF Secretary General
Kiev, Ukraine
June 26, 2006

Mother Moon and Hyun Jin arrived in Kiev, Ukraine on June 26. They were greeted by Ukrainian leaders and by her son Kook Jin and his wife Ji Ae, who had arrived the night before along with Universal Peace Federation Chair Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak.

While waiting for their passports to be processed, Hyun Jin described his parents’ main focus: “My father’s vision is very holistic and broad. He does not just look at the world from a political, economic, sociological or psychological point of view. His point of view is not even just spiritual. He looks at the root issues, and especially the family. Religions focus on individual salvation; his focus is on the family and lineage.”

After two hours, word came that Hyun Jin would not be allowed to enter the country. Phone calls were made in an attempt to appeal the decision, but as the time for the 5:00 PM program approached, most of the group had to leave for the hotel.

The main event had a standing-room-only audience of about 700, including many high-level Ambassadors for Peace. Rev. Kwak presented the Chairman’s Address. Because Hyun Jin remained behind at the airport, Kook Jin read the Founder’s Address in his place.

With Hyun Jin’s bags already loaded on a departing flight, authorities reversed their decision, and he arrived at the hotel before the program ended. It was a joyful moment when the family reunited.

The family-centered message struck a responsive chord among many in the audience. “I am so grateful to you for your conference that brings us to a higher, more international level of thinking,” commented the leader of the International League of Mothers and Sisters for the Youth of Ukraine. “You are opening the way for a new level of human relationships and bringing in a new age.” A teacher from the International League said, “After today’s meeting I am so inspired. I have heard so much about the importance of marriage and family. I will teach this to my students.”

“Mrs. Moon has 13 children; I have five, and that is more than I can handle!” a member of Parliament reported. “There are many political parties in this nation, but they do not fully reflect or promote the true value of the human being. We are born ultimately to experience joy in the family. Unless we center on God, human fulfillment is not possible.

An advisor to former President Leonid Kravchuk brought greetings on his behalf and expressed the desire to cooperate on many projects. “So many efforts have been taking place for many decades to change this world and establish lasting peace,” stated an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Today we saw a living example, a model of true peace in the family and a vision of universal peace.” 


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